EvexiPEL® HRT vs Synthetics

EvexiPEL® method of pellet therapy uses only natural hormones.

EvexiPEL® HRT vs Synthetics

EvexiPEL® method of pellet therapy uses only natural hormones.

You will often here us refer to Bioidentical Hormones as Human Identical. This is because the hormones we use come from natural sources and are in the same molecular form as the molecule your own body produces. This is important because, in this form, your body knows exactly what to do with it. In other words, your body doesn’t have to break out an enigma machine to decode a foreign substance that has entered the body. Synthetic drugs are not the same. They can be dangerous and your body needs to break down the chemical wrappers in the liver before your body can identify what it is and how to process it. In most cases, this is very traumatic and can inflame your body. Natural Bioidentical Hormones are known and can be put to good use immediately. 

EvexiPEL vs Synthetic

Have you heard people talk about the wonders of using natural hormone therapy? How about how great bioidentical hormones are?

Maybe you’ve even heard synthetic hormones are the way to go. In the world of the internet, it’s hard to keep track of these terms. We see lots of opinions and often can’t keep track of what’s what anymore!

At EvexiPEL®, we can’t help you with all the confusing things you read on the internet, but we can help you with the confusing things you read about hormones.

So let’s talk about these words we keep on hearing:

  • Bioidentical
  • Natural
  • Synthetic

What do they mean? Is one better than the other? Which form of hormones do we use at EvexiPEL?

Bioidentical Hormones

When we refer to a bioidentical hormone, we are talking about one that, chemically, is a replica of the hormones that the human body makes.

This means that it is identical in its molecular make-up, shape, and structure to the hormones found in your body.

When it comes to hormone replacement therapy and hormone levels, the structure of the hormones used is significant. Using bioidentical hormones that have the same structure as those found in your body guarantees the highest rate of successful, safe, and effective treatment.

And this is what we use at EvexiPEL®. The bioidentical, plant-based hormone pellets we use metabolize in your body just the way that they were naturally intended to.

Natural Hormones

Technically, any product sourced principally from an animal, plant, or mineral is considered natural. The product can come in the form of a pill, ground up, made into a cream, whatever.

Using the term “natural” or “plant-based” is a great marketing tactic. Many marketers use the term now as organic, and plant-based foods are on the rise.

The problem is, just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s helpful or good for you. Many natural products aren’t well regulated, and some of them are so new – or niche – they have not been tested enough for us to know if they’re safe or effective.

Synthetic Hormones

When you hear about “synthetic” hormone replacement, you most likely hear about what we just described as “natural” hormone replacement.

The word “synthetic” technically means something made by chemical synthesis or synthesized. Many “natural” hormones have been produced – or synthesized – in a lab.

These hormones may have technically come from a natural source, but they have still been chemically structured and synthesized in a lab.

So when you get right down to it, we tend to think that when it comes to hormone replacement options, the chemical structure of the hormone is usually more important than where the chemical itself is coming from.

Why Is It Important for Hormones to Be Bioidentical?

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is – when putting hormones into your body – for them to share the same molecular make-up that your hormones have.

Structurally Speaking

Human hormones are made up of a base of cholesterol, and then have specialized attachments that allow them to fit perfectly into receptor molecules in your body. When a hormone perfectly nestles into a receptor, it tells that receptor to turn on or off certain behaviors.

These hormonal and cellular commands are what makes us act certain ways and feel certain things. When things are not working quite right, that is usually when we find ourselves in need of hormone replacement therapy.

So if you put a bioidentical hormone into your body – one that is structurally the same as the ones you already have – it will fit perfectly into your body’s receptor molecules. And, it will start acting on them as one of your hormones would.

Synthetic Hormone Effects

But, if you put a synthetic hormone into your body, it just won’t feel quite right. It won’t fit into your receptor molecules as seamlessly as your hormones do.

Synthetic hormones can cause erratic effects. Patients report constant of ups and downs in terms of hormonal impacts when taking synthetic hormones. They also correlate with an increased chance of:

  • Blood clots
  • Heart attacks
  • Breast cancer
  • Strokes
  • Gall bladder disease

Get Back to Feeling Better with Bioidentical Hormones

Luckily, there’s another option. EvexiPEL® patients who have chosen to undergo the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy approach have reported feeling better within days. They experience a consistent and steady stream of hormone release into their bodies.

There are no surprise ups and downs that you might get from synthetic hormones – instead, the treatment you receive are designed to be the perfect dosage for your body and your symptoms.

If you want to Get Well & Live Well, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Certified EvexiPEL Providers today.

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