The question you should ask yourself is “why don’t I become a hormone replacement therapy provider through EvexiPEL?”

There are probably a many reasons why, but we’re sure most of you would say because you want to help people. Throughout your time as a medical expert, do you feel you’ve been able to connect with as many patients as you’d like or even have the right resources to provide them with life-changing approaches and treatments?

If you feel like your practice is in a rut or your simply looking for further training and education, we can help!

Becoming a certified EvexiPEL provider can help you grow your practice, sharpen your skills, and learn a world-class hormone treatment, and help more patients. Sounds pretty great right? We think so.

If you’re not sure if EvexiPEL is the solution your practice needs, then keep reading. We’ll break things down for you, and we’re sure by the end of this article you’ll be ready to get in touch with us!

What EvexiPEL Can Do For You

EvexiPEL was founded by Dr. Terri DeNeui, who was looking for an integrated approach to bio-identical hormone therapy. EvexiPEL is not a thing, but rather, it is an approach.

When you become a certified provider, you’re getting:

  • Access to leading resources like hands-on practice with real EvexiPEL patients
  • Training under some of the most renowned hormone specialists in the world
  • Lasting practice support from a Practice Development Specialist

We make sure all of the bases are covered, and we’ll lead you every step of the way from training to marketing. We even break down four concrete ways EvexiPEL can help your practice in a previous blog post!

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Renew Vitality in Your Practice

Ready to bring the EvexiPEL method to your practice? Here’s what you can expect. First, you need to fill out our online contact form, and we’ll touch base with you shortly after.

We’ll explain more about the EvexiPEL method, both the benefits and risk, and how you can reach patients, and answer any questions you may have. Then we’ll send a Practice Development Specialist to follow-up and learn more about your practice.

Contact Us Today

We want to learn about your history and your future goals, all while guiding you through comprehensive training. Finally, you can focus on delivering quality service to your patients, and we’ll focus on providing you with long-term support and resources to enable your success!

Wondering if EvexiPEL is right for your practice? Here’s an easy way to determine. How many of the following can you identify with?

  • Frustrated with the service and support from your current pellet company.
  • Your patients are unfamiliar with hormone replacement therapy.
  • You receive complaints from pellet patients.
  • Your patients try pellets once and give up.

If you answered yes to just one, then your practice can definitely benefit from EvexiPEL! Don’t waste another day, get in touch with our team to learn more. Take the first step to becoming a hormone replacement therapy provider and gaining access to quality resources.

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