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When evaluating your changing hormones and options for finding balance, it’s common to hear people throw around the term “natural.”

Especially when it comes to hormone therapy many patients say they want “natural” hormones, but what does that mean?

The EvexiPEL method is committed to helping patients find balance through holistic and natural approaches; with this post today, we hope to answer any questions and clear up any confusion around hormone therapy.

For starters, all hormones are “natural,” so when a patient says they want natural hormones they typically are referring to bioidentical hormones.

Bioidentical Hormones Explained

Bioidentical hormones are identical in every way to hormones made in the human body, including their molecular shape, make-up, and structure.

These similarities make bioidentical hormones the perfect match to unlock the body’s receptor sites.

Wondering If the Product You Bought Is Natural?

Check the label. If the product lists “esterified estrogens,” “progestins,” or “progestogens,” the product is not bioidentical.

Still curious? You can learn more by checking out this page or by scheduling a consultation with your nearest EvexiPEL provider.

Bioidentical hormones are one type of therapy for hormone imbalances, like menopause. And the specific therapy EvexiPEL offer is BHRT with pellets or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with pellets.

Our unique approach to pellet therapy offers patients a natural and safe treatment option that enters the bloodstream more quickly than other methods, like creams and patches.

Are Bioidentical Hormones Better?

Hormones are small structures with branches that make them specific molecules and give them the ability to plug into receptor molecules throughout our body. They can turn on and off and impact cellular behavior that can affect how we act.

We love bioidentical hormones because their mimicked nature allows them to fit in and duplicate hormones as they’re naturally found in our bodies.

Avoid Side Effects

Other types of hormone therapy that don’t fit the original shape and size of our cells can lead to serious side effects; which many patients have experienced when starting hormone therapy.

Irritability, issues with sleeping, and other physical changes can be dangerous if left untreated are all possible when you aren’t prescribed the right hormone.

Simply put, bioidentical hormones are almost always an instant match and can make you feel better.

Just One Aspect

While BHRT with pellets can certainly offer patients relief, it’s important to keep in mind it is just one aspect of tackling hormone imbalance.

To get the relief you’re looking for, you need to dedicate yourself to a holistic approach and real lifestyle changes.

Start the Conversation

Hormone therapy should always be discussed and prescribed after a thorough evaluation of risks and benefits for each patient.

Needs, goals, and symptoms can vary greatly among people which is why it’s always best to get the conversation started with your healthcare provider.

If you’re not sure if BHRT with pellets is the right course of action for you, let’s talk! Locate the nearest EvexiPEL provider to you by using our provider locator here.

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