SUPERIOR Hormone Pellet Therapy Training

EvexiPEL is the Patients Choice

Deploy the worlds most comprehensive Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Training Solution into your practice and begin positively changing the lives of your patients today!

EvexiPEL® Certified Providers are changing the landscape of Healthcare int he United States and in some cases, other Countries. We pride ourselves in providing superior, up-to-date courses, either online or in person. Our providers are quickly becoming known for being able to achieve better outcomes when providers outside the EvexiPEL® Certified Provider Network were unable.

Now it is more important that ever for EvexiPEL® Certified Providers to display the EvexiPEL® Certified Provider Seal…your patients are looking for it.

Look for the EvexiPEL Certified Provider Seal Certified EvexiPEL Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy Provider

SUPERIOR Pellet Method

EXCLUSIVE Formulations

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Practice Support Systems

Practitioners who commit to EvexiPEL’s integrated approach to care and proprietary hormone pellet method learn how to increase patient satisfaction and efficiencies in their practices. When you work with us we’ll give you long-term support and resources so that you can find patients and offer the best treatment.

Upcoming Provider Training

Come to our Headquarters in Dallas for 2 days of in-depth training on our methods, medicines, and marketing.


Available Training Dates

April 9th – April 10th
May 14th – May 15th
July 16th – July 17th
August 27th – August 28th
October 22nd – October 23rd
December 10th – December 11th

Superior Support Network

The benefits to patients are clear. EVEXIAS Health Solutions also provides superior support to practitioners:

Practice development specialists to support you as you build your business.
Comprehensive business support systems.
Proprietary electronic health records (EHR) system.
Innovative, turnkey marketing systems.
Online comprehensive dosing and patient follow-up system.
Complete custom compounding pharmacy – FarmaKeio.
Outstanding revenue generating model.


Introducing EvexiPEL Superior
Hormone Pellet Therapy

EvexiPEL is an exclusive method for hormone pellet therapy, put into practice by EVEXIAS Medical Centers, one of the largest hormone pellet therapy providers in the country. In addition to a superior support network that can help grow your practice, the EvexiPEL team can provide a custom formulated pellet that providers are free to use when deemed an appropriate option for the patient.